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I am a wife, mother of three beautiful boys, and a middle school administrator. At times, I have mistakenly tried to achieve perfection in each role. These attempts always fail miserably because there is no such thing as a perfect wife, a perfect mom or a perfect worker! I decided to relinquished my pursuit of perfection…I can say without guilt that my shortcomings are vast and my mistakes many. Embracing my imperfections and turning my life over to God has been freeing and led to a sweeter life. I found that when I quit trying so hard, that SOMETIMES things magically fall into place and for brief moments I am “Supermom.”

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lego Land

Our back room has been named Lego Land.  There are Legos EVERYWHERE.  About once a week we have to threaten to get the vaccum cleaner out so Ryan and Cannon (mostly Ryan b/c Cannon hates picking up...he seems to mysteriously have an injury around pickup time) will pick up.  As much as the Legos drive me crazy, I do think they are good toys because they really allow the boys to use their imagination and creativity.   

Ryan loves Legos.  I mean really loves them!  He wakes up sometimes before 6 a.m. to go to the back room to start creating w/his Legos.  He makes some pretty amazing things.  He has such a good imagination.  He is super excited that he made the Lego Robotics team at his school and will start competing in the spring.  I think that is pretty cool too, Ryan! 

It is funny with your kids how you see little pieces of you in them.  Ryan loves creating and I love creating.  His medium is mostly Legos, while I like making all sorts of crafts, cakes, etc.  My husband is always amazed by what Ryan and I see in our heads when it comes to a project.  He says he is just not wired that way. 

Ryan gets really excited about contests.  He always thinks he is going to win.  He was most excited to see that Lego was having a contest online to submit projects.  He worked for hours trying to come up with an idea.  He decided on using Lego Agents pieces to make the "Gold Getaway".   Apparently, aliens robbed a bank and got away with all the town's gold!  Never fear, the Lego agents are fast on their trail to nab those pesky bank robbers.  Here are a couple of pictures of his hard work.  Way to go, Ryan!  Keep on using that great imagination!

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