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I am a wife, mother of three beautiful boys, and a middle school administrator. At times, I have mistakenly tried to achieve perfection in each role. These attempts always fail miserably because there is no such thing as a perfect wife, a perfect mom or a perfect worker! I decided to relinquished my pursuit of perfection…I can say without guilt that my shortcomings are vast and my mistakes many. Embracing my imperfections and turning my life over to God has been freeing and led to a sweeter life. I found that when I quit trying so hard, that SOMETIMES things magically fall into place and for brief moments I am “Supermom.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Swing at Cake Pops

I just learned about cake pops and fell in love with them!  The nurse at my school brought some to school and they not only taste so good, they are super cute.  So, I knew that is what I had to make for Parker's first birthday...his E-I-E-I-O party.  I went with chicks and pigs because I already had yellow and pink candy melts. 

I almost gave up, after going with a bad recipe on the Internet.  Now by trial and error, I have figured out that they are pretty simple.  The crowd favorite cake pop was a chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting.  Here is the version of a recipe that worked best for me:
Cake Mix, Frosting, Candy Melts, Sprinkles, Candies, and any other decorations.
1.  Bake a cake mix per directions on box.
2.  Let cake cool.
3.  Break cake into fine pieces either with hand or food processor.
4.  Mix 1/2 tub of frosting with crumbs.  (1/2 only...not more!  I learned this the hard way. The pops will not stay together with more frosting). 
5.  Shape into small balls about an inch tall.
6.  Place shaped balls into freezer for about 15 minutes.
7.  Melt candy melts in microwave per package directions.  I think a small coffee cup works best for melting and dipping.  
8.  Take lollipop stick and dip into candy melt about a half an inch.  Immediately stick in the chilled cake ball.
9.  Continue placing sticks in all cake balls.
10.  Let the candy melt mixture harden in the cake ball before dipping the entire ball.  
11.  Do not spin the ball around in the coffee cup!  Gently dip it in, using a spoon to pour candy melt over cake ball.  
12.  Use sprinkles, candy and other necessary items to decorate while candy melt hasn't dried.  You can wait and decorate all the cake pops at once after the melts have hardened, but I think it looks better to decorate as you don't have globs of candy melt on the cake ball to glue the decorations on if you decorate as you go.
12.  Stick lollipop stick in Styrofoam and let cool. 
13.  Refrigerate if not serving immediately. 
14.  Keep your coffee cup and extra sprinkles handy to do repairs to cake pop accidents if necessary. 

The display of the cake pops is key to adding to the cuteness factor.  I went with a mini hay bale for our barnyard animals. 

Parker's Smash Cake w/a few friends sticking out. 

Happy Birthday, Parker!

Parker loved regular cake and cake pops!


  1. These turned out darling! I made pumpkin cake pops a few weeks ago, and they were yummy...not as cute as yours though haha. It sure looks like your little guy enjoyed them!

  2. So cute! I've been wanting to try making some too and you're an inspiration! I just love how they look on the smash cake, great job, and thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday and taking the time to post my party button! all the best!

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