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I am a wife, mother of three beautiful boys, and a middle school administrator. At times, I have mistakenly tried to achieve perfection in each role. These attempts always fail miserably because there is no such thing as a perfect wife, a perfect mom or a perfect worker! I decided to relinquished my pursuit of perfection…I can say without guilt that my shortcomings are vast and my mistakes many. Embracing my imperfections and turning my life over to God has been freeing and led to a sweeter life. I found that when I quit trying so hard, that SOMETIMES things magically fall into place and for brief moments I am “Supermom.”

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Give Thanks!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Jaron's mom and step dad were able to come in to celebrate.  We had Thanksgiving dinner that evening with them and Jaron's brothers and wife and soon to be wife.  Because Jaron's football team was still playing and he had practice on Thanksgiving Day and a game the day after Thanksgiving, I was not able to celebrate with my family this year.  :( 

Jaron's mom and step dad prepared a feast for us all that evening.  This gave Cannon and I time to decorate the table and kid's table for the evening.  We had such a fun time together making Thanksgiving crafts.  Cannon is such a sweet little guy.  He loves spending one-on-one time with his mom or dad. 

The dining room table. 

Cannon made place cards for each guest by hot gluing sticks into the tips of pine cones, cutting strips out of construction paper, writing the names of each guest, hole punching holes and the ends and poking them through the sticks.  He did such a good job!

I used Cannon's Kindergarten Thanksgiving papers from school on the table.

I love this one!  Cannon said he was thankful for "frens" and drew a picture of he and Lucas, his best friend.  Great job of coloring in the lines, Cannon!

Cannon's turkey made from a pine cone and torn construction paper.

Two turkeys that Ryan made several years back in preschool.  I love the one on the left.  It is made from a copper color silk Christmas ball, pipe cleaner, and a baby food jar lid.

Cannon and I cut leaves from our country road.  They had just started turning colors and were so pretty.

The kid's table, complete with a Mayflower and little flower arrangements.  Ryan and Cannon enjoyed eating their turkey at their own special table.

Cannon had been studying about the Mayflower in Kindergarten and was so excited to make this Mayflower.  We used wallpaper for the boat, sticks and scrap booking paper for the flags. 

Two little flower arrangements in glass baby food jars were the finishing touches on the kid's table.

Another turkey Cannon made with a pine cone, crayons as feathers, and construction paper head.  So cute!

I love these two vintage turkeys.  My friend Staci's gave these to me.  They were from her grandmother's huge collection of glassware and vintage linens.  I use her stuff all the time.

I can't walk away from cheap Scrabble games at thrift stores.  I love using the tiles to decorate.  I recently saw them used as necklace charms on Etsy and got inspired to make my own.

A cute little copper pumpkin was tied on the jar of fall leaves.  My Wal-Mart thirty cent find!

Our Thanksgiving scene on our bar...the leaves had died by the time I took this picture several days after Thanksgiving.  They looked really great when they had first started to change colors.

 I love using the old soda crate with its chippy green paint.  It looked nice paired with some burlap and the other fall decorations. 

Our family was thankful for our health, happiness, and for Jaron's team's football victory that came the day after Thanksgiving in Cowboy Stadium!

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