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I love my family!

I am a wife, mother of three beautiful boys, and a middle school administrator. At times, I have mistakenly tried to achieve perfection in each role. These attempts always fail miserably because there is no such thing as a perfect wife, a perfect mom or a perfect worker! I decided to relinquished my pursuit of perfection…I can say without guilt that my shortcomings are vast and my mistakes many. Embracing my imperfections and turning my life over to God has been freeing and led to a sweeter life. I found that when I quit trying so hard, that SOMETIMES things magically fall into place and for brief moments I am “Supermom.”

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free and Fantastic!

When I was pregnant with my second little boy, I went out on a search for a dresser to hold all the sweet baby clothes and serve as a changing table. Being the penny pincher that I am, I searched all over town in every thrift store and antique mall in town. Right about when I was about to pop that baby out, I visited a thrift store "one last time" to see if there was a dresser there for my baby. As I pulled out up to the store, I saw a lady unloading the perfect dresser...well almost perfect. It had little pink bows and dirt dobber nests all over it. Another woman's junk quickly became my treasure! I ran (more like waddled very slowly) up to the nice man working on unloading it and carrying it inside and asked how much was he going to price it for. He took one look at me and my enormous belly and said, "for you, free!" I must have really looked pitiful. I said I wanted to pay, but he said the only payment he would take was for me to bring my new baby by for a visit once he arrived. He loaded it up and away I went. I have paid him back many times with visits to the thrift store with my little "baby" that is now four!

I painted the dresser a creamy white and sanded the edges showing the brown wood grain. I used cheap acrylic paints on the edges and lettering. The paiter's tape I used didn't prevent the paint bleeds as I had hoped, but I actually liked it better with the imperfect edges of the lines. The theme for the room was rabbits. I found great rabbit head drawer pulls on a clearance rack at Lowe's for a quarter each! It was really hopping now. I painted the phrase "Chasing Rabbits" on the front to match a wall hanging above the crib that said, "Little boys dream of chasing rabbits."